GearJuly 3, 2024

And yeah, we want it.

adidas introduces VeloStan Smith, the iconic sneaker reimagined for city cyclists and commuters. The shoe retains the unmistakable silhouette of the original Stan Smith while incorporating a two-bolt SPD-cleat system for clipless pedal cycling. This sees it join the VeloSamba as part of adidas’ city cycling collection, providing an everyday footwear staple for people looking to explore their surroundings by bike, and beyond.

adidas and American tennis player Stan Smith first collaborated in 1978 and over five decades, the Stan Smith has reimagined what a sport shoe can be, becoming as much of an icon in fashion and wider culture, as it was originally on the court. Now, VeloStan Smith opens this unmistakable style legacy, to city commuters everywhere.

The cycling-specific modification is spearheaded by a two-bolt cleat mount which is compatible with SPD clipless pedals. The discreet two-bolt system is inset into the midsole so that avid cyclists and commuters can switch on and off the bike while wearing the same footwear.

This is complemented by the introduction of a rigid nylon plate, embedded into a synthetic sole, which has been adapted to cover the front two-thirds of the sole only, providing stiffness for efficiency of cycling movements while also allowing for flexibility and comfortability when walking.

The upper uses a soft, full-grain leather for durability across all-season use, while the iconic green foam heel and perforated three stripes bring through the signature accents of the original silhouette. In honour of this special edition, the tongue has been embossed with a golden portrait of Stan Smith and his racing bike, found only on the VeloStan Smith.

Kerryn Foster, Head of Specialist Sports, adidas, said, “It’s been very special to collaborate with Stan on this project alongside our Originals team.  For over five decades, the Stan Smith has reimagined what a sport shoe can be, becoming as much of an icon in fashion and wider culture, as it was originally on the court.  We know that cyclists need flexibility when in urban environments, so this latest cycling-specific iteration was designed with this front of mind - a unique shoe crafted to help riders discover their local landscape in stand-out style.”

Stan Smith said, “The Stan Smith sneaker journey started in 1978, and it has been a joy to watch adidas evolve and reimagine it ever since, with this latest version imagined especially for cyclists - being no different.  As someone who loves the adventure cycling offers – it's exciting to see how these small but mighty additions can continue the silhouette's sporting legacy. By bringing Stan Smith to cycling, I hope it encourages more people to discover new communities and find freedom through the bicycle."

VeloStan Smith joins Velosamba as the latest Originals sneaker to be redefined for the adidas Cycling range and is available today for $160 in the classic white and green colourway, from select retail stores and at

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