AGU Sport SIX6 WvA collab Alpha Jacket

GearFebruary 15, 2023

What Wout Wants Wout gets..

Belgian cycling superstar Wout Ven Aert is, aside from the Netherland’s Mathieu Van Der Poel, the best all round cyclist on the face of the earth. That’s just a fact. So, when Wout asks AGU Sport, the Jumbo-Visma team’s official apparel sponsor, for some special kit to make winter training a little more comfortable, then magic happens. Two new pieces stand out, the first is the Deep Winter Heated Thermo Jacket, which is exactly what it says it is. A jacket for cycling training through the coldest periods of the winter – electrically heated with an adjustable three-setting thermostat. The jacket heats the front and the back of the padded let slimline jacket to keep your core warm. Especially useful in periods of cool down between efforts where perspiration can lead to unwanted chills. In two different weights – a less padded version is also available which works the same way. The USB chargeable jacket will warm riders for up to six hours – easily long enough for even the longest frozen February training rides. 

For those rides where it’s chilly but not Baltic, there is also the AGU Sport long-sleeve Polartec Alpha Thermo Jacket from AGU’s SIX6 collection. The outer is made from Polartec’s Alpha Direct fabric, originally designed for the US Army. It is made with Green Sphere recycled polyester, that features a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating, the rain should stay, if not in Spain, then at least on the outside. The inside tech was a special request from WvA himself, unusual for a performance cycling jacket it features a thermally efficient pile lining to trap and loft air (the best insulator of all). Finally, their Merino waterproof gloves balance warmth, comfort, and unusually for Merino items – water repellency. While not attributable to WvA the gloves are a Jumbo-Visma-derived piece. If you want to ride out the winter in a warm, dry style, then check out AGU Sport.


Ultra-soft, breathable, warm and an absolute winter favorite of the riders of Team Jumbo-Visma, the Polartec Alpha jacket is here to stay. By using the innovative Polartec lining this jacket keeps you dry and comfortable, while the outer layer optimizes the airflow around the body.

  • The fabric on the front of this jacket is windproof and water-repellent.
  • Developed particularly for the US Army, Polartec Alpha is an exceptionally breathable, insulating material that is used as a liner in this jacket.
  • Polartec Alpha gets your core temperature to the right values sooner and keeps it longer, both during exercise and rest or during a coffee break.
  • Perspiration and condensation quickly evaporate thanks to the continually active breathing characteristics of this lightweight and water-repellent technology.
  • The use of recycled Polyester makes this jacket a sustainable choice and therefore part of our Greensphere collection.
  • Also available in plain black as part of our Premium collection.

Our Six6 collection harkens back to 1966, the year in which AGU was founded. This collection is made for all cycling adventures. Creativity, the desire to go outside, ride and discover even more are central. Made with a classic look, the latest fabrics, and most innovative techniques.


Check it here:

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