Bivystick Blue Emergency GPS beacon

GearSeptember 13, 2021

When the shit goes down, you better be ready…

Or at the very least, equipped with the new Bivystick Blue mobile emergency GPS beacon. Accident and dumb, unexpected things can happen in the outdoors and sometimes when you’re out of range of a direct phone call for help. Using the Bivystick Blue, in association with your smartphone, you can always make contact with your preferred method of help or extraction. The device can send your SOS signal (via GEOS Inc) using the global Iridium satellite network. Iridium is the most comprehensive GPS coverage available and terrain aside (steep gorges and heavy tree cover can complicate, slow or preclude a signal) it’s a truly global coverage. With the Bivystick Blue app on your tethered smartphone you can text back and forth with friends or family (assuming you haven’t had an emergency. If things have gone south, then you can contact GEOS to help them with added information about your predicament and give them (the emergency services) added accuracy about deployment of local help to extract you. Even if your tethered smartphone phone is dead, the Bivystick Blue can send a simple ‘Send help’ or ‘I’m OK’ signal, so you’re always able to communicate. 

£263  Euro 302  $365

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