Candide Thovex Departs Faction

written by Robert Allen

Is a Candide Line of Skis to Follow His Outerwear Line?

After a decade of working together, freeskiing legend Candide Thovex has decided it's time to move on from the Verbier-based ski brand. The amicable parting was announced in a press release and on Faction's website, where a timeline of Candide's greatest hits is worth a scroll.

There's no doubt that CT made Faction what it is today. In 2012, Faction founder Tony McWilliam started working with Candide, and designing what McWilliam describes as "some of the best skis of all time." Many others would agree, and it was no accident that the 5.0 - based on the original 2013 Candide 4.0 - was brought back to life. In an apparent demonstration of respect for the GOAT (or perhaps as part of the deal), the CT 5.0 ski will be retired, and the 2021/22 CT line will be Faction's last.

We'll see what comes next, but after introducing CANDIDE outerwear in 2020, there's a fair bit of speculation about a CANDIDE line of skis.

We don't have the answer to that question, but we'll leave you with the best thing we can think of: CT shredding some pillows in his latest vid, Yellow Pow. Enjoy.