ECCO Exostrike Camo

written by Robert Allen

ECCO Exostrike Camo

From high peaks to high streets

Here at 2fifty9, we recently touched on the benefits of new materials in the active outdoor lifestyle industry and in particular the incredible ‘stronger than steel’ material Dyneema. One company who was quick to realise the benefit and opportunity for Dyneema is Swedish footwear brand ECCO. Back in the day ECCO was the footwear brand your great aunt would wear, but that all changed a few years ago when ECCO switched focus to become relevant to the European Millennial streetwear sector. A flagship among new ECCO models was, and remains the Exostrike. A post-modern take on a classic full leather ‘para-jump’ boot that has collided headlong with state-of-the-art basketball boots. The Exostrike, blends deep PHORENE rubber midsoles and hardwearing high traction Michelin rubber outsoles. The most luxuriously soft and supple calf-skin lining is a treat and for the rest of the upper, depending on the model of Exostrike you choose there are luxuriously soft full leather, mega tough Dyneema and waterproof Gore-Tex options to consider. So, no matter where your adventure takes you and the challenges you face from the terrain and elements, the Exostrike is ready to carry you through. 

The Exostrike is also available in some mid height models and some grey camouflage shades that flex some strong 90’s hip-hop vibes. Auntie’s footwear this ain’t…