Finisterre Nieuwland 3e Yulex wetsuit

Ditching the 'prene

Unless you are in the Pacific, seawater is cold. Even in the summer. British cold water surf brand Finisterre pride themselves on their ecologically sound products and that's the story with their new summer weight full wetsuit suitable for sea temps of 14-18 deg C. Blending 85% Yulex Pure natural Latex from guaranteed FSC approved sources, sustainably harvested and processed in the USA, to 15% natural rubber and recycled polyester, to deliver a genuine alternative to traditional neoprene wetsuits. 3.5mm thick in the chest and back with 2.5mm in the arms and legs, double-blind stitched with 2cm taped seams, this is built for action.

Hi flex shoulders

Deep chest pile for better heat retention

Easy entry back panel

Each suit carries a 1-year replacement warranty.