FRAHM Harrington Racer Jacket

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Live fast, dress well.

What's is British and frankly punk, than a classic clean cut Harrington jacket? Possibly this FRAHM Harrington Racer model. Nick and Emmalou Hussey are FRAHM (pronounced ‘FR-Arm’) Nick had deep history as a fanatically detail obsessed designer of cycling apparel. His penchant for casual jackets and coats led to FRAHM being created. The Harrington Racer 'is my umpteenth Harrington design, and my favourite', to quote Nick. The colours for the Harrington racer, like all FRAHM jackets, are sublime (the Grenadine is the one for us..). The waxed cotton is weatherproof, and ages beautifully to give back a gracefully worn look as the years and fun are added. Built to last, and to surprise with hidden features, every FRAHM jacket is a delight, it's like Nick knows what you want, before you think to ask. Not cheap, often sold before they arrive. FRAHM is the gold standard in men's casual jackets, so now you know.

The Harrington Racer is my umpteenth Harrington design, and my favourite.

Nick Hussey