It’s the eSC the e-scooter World Championship!

written by Justin Loretz

It was only a matter of time before the electric-powered scooters that proliferate the streets of every city in the world were raced. Let’s be honest anything with wheels will be raced sooner or later so why not e-scooters? Racing ‘eSkootr’s’ brainchild of Hrag Sarkissian and Khalil Beschir it was clear that some added racing experience was required so ex-F1 and Le Mans racer Alex Wurz, has been appointed eSC Safety Ambassador, and Formula E champion Lucas Di Grassi, is the series’ Sustainability Ambassador. With a like-minded group of individuals, they helped to pull together the eSkootr’s initial specification.

These aren’t normal e-scooters… Clearly, for the public, scooter fans and the media to be hooked, these things have to generate excitement, fast racing, and let’s be honest – a small frisson of perceived danger… So an F1-style approach to the eSC machinery was required. The result is the amazing-looking S-1X.

Capable of well over 100km/h (60mph) the S-1X eSkootr’s carbon fiber chassis uses alloy front and rear assemblies and natural fibers for their aerodynamic fairings. The chassis and aero fairings have been developed specifically for the eSC championship by Italian motorsport experts YCOM. 

These racing S-1X e-scooters are two-wheel drive, think about that for a second, both of the 6.5inch wide, 11inch diameter wheels are driving an insane amount of power, pushing and pulling in unison, developing a level of drive and traction and handling that regular e-scooters can’t get close to.  Giving the eSC eSkootr’s tremendous power is a 55V Lithium-Ion 24Ah battery – big enough to go fast, yet compact enough to keep the form factor and weight to a minimum. Motors are prepared by Williams Advanced Engineering – yet another player in the eSC cadre with genuine motorsport heritage.

As with all motorsport these days, real-time data is a vital component for fans to absorb, allowing an instant, deeper appreciation for the race tactics. The eSC organizers know this, so all eSC S-1X eSkootr’s will carry onboard data logging equipment to live stream their metrics including; speed, throttle, brake, GPS, 6DoF IMU, plus all EV powertrain parameters.

So, who will be racing these eSkootrs? Well, eSC has enrolled the help of MotoGP star Bradley Smith to head up the rider recruitment and development for the Championship.  ‘We want the (eSC) championship to be hard-fought and contested between the best, most talented riders in the world. Our goal is to attract teams from around the world, representing all nations, and backgrounds – the Championship will aim to be the most culturally diverse branch of motorsport in the world, another formula will look to eSC so see how best practice can be done – that’s our mission.’

‘Somewhere out there is an unknown megastar – a future eSkooter rider and eSC champion who will become our sports Valentino Rossi – a globally known household name, sports star and role model for others – that’s a crazy, beautiful thought..’

The eSC championship will be fought out by fields of thirty riders, racing on tracks of between 400 and 800 meters in length. The venues are still TBC, though expect a global series with capital cities looking to host what is expected to be a relevant and resonant modern sporting spectacle. 

We’re excited to follow the eSC eSkootr championship as it (literally) rolls out, so stay tuned for more on this here at 2fifty9.