Polartec revolutionize design

written by Robert Allen

One of the slowest and most wasteful elements of the active outdoor lifestyle apparel design process is the requirement to prototype multiple iterations of a given design, in order for the garment development teams to understand the specific characteristics of the fabrics. Being able to see the fabric movement, the drape and texture is vital when creating clothes that work and wear as intended in real life. Trouble is, that’s been nearly impossible to achieve, until now. Using advanced 3D digital software developed by Browzwear, the apparel designers are able to render ‘real life’ versions of their newest designs and move them through equally ‘real life’ scenarios on screen to get a full sense of how the actual garment will hang and perform when it is actually stitched together. By designing and pre-testing apparel designs in this way, time is cut from the overall process because physical prototyping is no longer required. Less wasting of materials, fewer hours spent in fitting sessions, and a less time between conceptual drawings and final sign-off. Win-win.