GearSeptember 13, 2021

New SWATCH design made from plant based ‘magic’

Never ones to shy away from making style, Swiss wristwatch giants SWATCH have reimagined their material base as part of their SWATCH Next program, with a new composite bio-sourced material. Using the seeds of the Castor plant or ‘Rizinuspflanze’ in German, which translates to ‘tree of magic’… Magic is always a great starting point for new technology, so what does it mean? Firstly, it’s not castor seeds crushed and mixed with the ceramic you might find in say, plates, but you’d be sort of on the right track! The oil from the seeds, castor oil is already the base for SWATCH’s existing bio-sourced plastic is mixed with a fine ceramic powder to create a BioCeramic material, in a one third bio-source, to two thirds ceramic ratio. SWATCH is able to injection mould the new BioCeramic material, just like their original plastic, to create flexible, durable products that are visually beautiful tough and reassuringly tactile at the same time. The first SWATCH to use the new bio-ceramic material is their BIG BOLD 47mm diameter case model. Big so you can really see and feel the new material and its unique bio-ceramic material on your wrist, bold so others can see and admire it too! Available in pink, white, grey, blue and black.  

£120 Euro 138  $167

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