Fender & Teufel, two audio legends, launch the ROCKSTER speaker series

GearJuly 2, 2024

Three Premium Bluetooth Speakers Blend High-End Teufel Audio with Fender’s Sonic Legacy

Teufel, the German speaker manufacturer known for designing and engineering premium audio products since 1979, and Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC), the world's leading guitar manufacturer, today announce the launch of the new ROCKSTER Seriesa range of high-quality Bluetooth speakers made to turn everyday moments into unforgettable events.

Explore / Purchase: https://us.teufelaudio.com/ 

Since 1946, Fender has cemented its footprint as a leader in sonic innovation. From its groundbreaking amplifiers and the lap steel guitar to the introduction of the iconic Telecaster® and Stratocaster® guitars, which celebrates its 70th Anniversary this year, founder Leo Fender transformed the signal chain and forever altered the music landscape. 

Berlin-based Teufel has been designing and engineering audio products since its founding in 1979, and has become an acclaimed consumer electronics brand, known worldwide for its premium design and audio quality. 

United by the rally of “Here to be Heard,” the two iconic brands have joined forces to create speakers that both look and sound outstanding, melding Teufel’s legendary German-engineered audio with the iconic Fender® design and aesthetic that are loved by millions of musicians and artists globally. 

“We’re very proud to be introducing the ROCKSTER™ Series in collaboration with Fender and to be offering our proven Bluetooth speaker technology in the United States for the first time,” said Sascha Mallah, Managing Director, Teufel. “The Fender®x Teufel™ ROCKSTER™ series is designed for audio lovers, and we know the fans and customers will truly hear the difference in sound quality. Paired with Fender's innovation and design input, the ROCKSTER™ Series really stands apart on the market.”


    • ROCKSTER AIR 2 - $599.99: The ROCKSTER Air 2 is a premium Bluetooth party speaker made for live events and the stage. A high-capacity battery powers hours of playback at max volume, and the high-resolution audio goes deep and with enough power for an 80-person party in stereo configuration. 
    • ROCKSTER CROSS - $249.99: Straddling the border between maximum portability and powerful true stereo sound, the water-resistant ROCKSTER CROSS comes jam-packed full of the finest in audio technology including a high-performance and fast-charge battery and Teufel’s signature Dynamore® system which creates a uniquely wide soundstage. 
    • ROCKSTER GO 2 - $129.99: The ROCKSTER GO 2 comes outfitted with everything a true adventurer needs - a durable design that houses premium components for true stereo sound with striking bass and the integration of Teufel Dynamore® technology. The ROCKSTER GO 2 is IP67 rated for dust- and water-proofing, and will keep playing in pouring rain or even if it falls in the pool. 

“Fender and Teufel is a fantastic cooperation because both companies are in love with great sound,” said Justin Norvell, Executive Vice President, Product, FMIC. “When we’re going to put the Fender® brand on something we really need to believe in it and make sure that it sounds great, and we partnered with Teufel™because the audio is amazing and the products are top notch.”

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